Velvet Co.

Client: Velvet Co.


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: Shopify

Services Provided: PPC, SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Vices

Case Summary: Developed by former aerospace engineers, this husband and wife team saw a gap in the sex toy industry – thrusting handheld sex toys. This new company came to us looking for our expert help at SEO. Compared to last year, the site’s organic traffic has increased by 1,094%, with organic revenue up 129% and overall revenue up 921%. For PPC, we have seen a 7.4 ROAS, with a $17k spend resulting in $127k in revenue.

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After being in business for only a few months, this sex toy company turned to the experts for SEO and PPC. Within only a few short months after beginning our work, we saw dramatically increasing metrics.

When they first came to us, Velvet Co. had only 6-7 unique products. We were able to develop PPC campaigns that were highly successful.

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During our campaign we have placed contact information in the header, created a custom 404 page, added social icons to the site, and created a favicon. We have also written optimized copy, built quality links, and written a press release.

We created branded Google Ads campaigns for this client, which have shown to be the most successful. We also created a non-branded campaign, a targeted “thruster” toy campaign, and a shopping campaign.

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Compared to last year, organic sessions have increased 1,094.91%. Organic new users also saw improvement, increasing 1,112.72%. Organic revenue has increased by 129.90% and organic transactions have increased by 4,052.24%. Overall, the site received 736.36% more sessions and 696.64% more new users this year than last year. Overall, the site generated 921.23% more revenue than last year, and 1,027.27% more in total transactions.

For our PPC results, we saw up to a 700% ROAS in a month over the course of our 3 years working for this sex toy company. Their branded campaign generated $127,400.92 in revenue with a spend of $17,206.75 for a 7.40 ROAS. We also launched a separate campaign with “thruster” keywords. This was a very successful campaign; they saw in one month $6k in revenue from a spend of $800 for an ROAS of 7.5. Over the 3 years of our campaigns, they saw an overall ROAS of 4.59, with $34k resulting in $149k in revenue.

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