Case Studies

  • Trumpet & Horn

    How does one of the leading online niche jewelers nearly double their organic search revenue from $160k a month to $315k a month in just a year’s time? Find out here.

  • Selfie Leslie

    This Australian-based company came to Los Angeles in 2016 offering the latest fashion trends. After the first year of our campaign, they saw a 828% increase in organic traffic and a 1,175% increase in organic revenue.

  • Joy of Socks

    Joy of Socks is a sock retail company that needed help with SEO and PPC, as well as building a new Magento website. After completing the website, we saw major improvements in revenue for this client as total monthly conversions improved significantly.

  • Gray Malin Enterprises

    Gray Malin, a fine art photographer, has an ecommerce site that sells everything from framed prints and gift wrap to beach umbrellas and iPhone cases. Through a combination of Coalition-implemented PPC, SEO, and web development, Gray’s site saw phenomenal success.

  • Starfire Direct

    How did the Coalition team increase organic revenue by 75% for this home entertaining products retailer, specializing in outdoor fire pits and patios? Read on to find out.

  • Dara’s Diamonds

    The diamond industry online is extremely competitive. Coalition delivered some blow-your-mind results for Dara’s Diamonds in paid search and SEO. They went from spending $800 a month to earn $2,000 a month to spending $80,000 a month to generate $250,000 per month.

  • Tommie Copper

    This compression garment company offers wearable wellness and pain management to its customers. After successfully switching their site to a new platform 3 months ago, they saw $2.6 million in revenue in one month.

  • Search Scuba

    This dive shop directory provides divers with the researched dive experiences they want and dive shops with a platform for bookings. After seven months with us, user traffic is up 90% and transactions are up 100%.

  • Pranamaya

    Learn how this yoga media company went from losing money to generating a steady profit thanks to Coalition’s SEO and PPC strategies.

  • Garrett Wade Co.

    This home and garden tool retailer offers heirloom quality tools for a variety of tasks: woodworking, gardening, and cooking to name a few. Their commitment to quality matches our own and makes us a great fit. After just 3 months with us, Garrett Wade saw their yearly revenue increase by 40% from $281k to $394k.

  • Faeries Dance

    This fashion boutique offers sustainable and ethically sourced clothing and accessories for women. Within 6 months of working with us, they saw overall revenue increase 31% and organic revenue increase 132%.

  • LA Police Gear

    Founded by Los Angeles area police officers, this site offers police, military, and camping gear. After 10 months with us, monthly organic revenue has increased by 73% and organic transactions increased by 68%.

  • Plum Pretty Sugar

    Our designers show an amazing range of style and creativity. Plum Pretty Sugar shows their soft side in this Magento store.

  • M2H Tile Boutique

    This unique tile manfacturer wanted to bring an elevated shopping experience to the tile industry. In just one month, we have seen a 566% increase in overall revenue.

  • Kratom Country

    Founded in 2009, this kratom company promotes overall wellness through holistic practices. After 8 months of our SEO practices, Kratom Country has seen a 694% increase in organic traffic and a 133% increase in organic revenue.